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About Let's Save America

Let's Save America is an ongoing campaign dedicated to financial literacy, particularly the simple but extremely powerful concept of compound interest. Compound interest is the key to help every individual achieve financial security and independence. You do not have to live a life of debt! You can achieve wealth by putting into action a proven formula - a formula that has been around for thousands of years. more...

Meet Let's Save America Founder Brad Dugdale

Brad Dugdale is an accomplished speaker, author, financial literacy advocate and founder of the Let's Save America Campaign for financial literacy. He has more than two decades of experience as a financial consultant with the Pacific Northwest's premier brokerage firm. more...

New Parents & Grandparents

Start a Munny Journey for the child you love. Let's Save America Founder Brad Dugdale and his team have published a new book titled "Munny Journey, a Keepsake Journal for Baby's First Money." This keepsake explains the power of compound interest starting at birth and is a wonderful foundation for saving and investing. Visit the website

Free Reports from Let's Save America

We have free special reports available for download. Currently featured are reports with information for parents and grandparents on how compound interest can capitalize on a newborn baby's greatest asset: Time!


Financial Education
audio series

Follow the Rules!
9 simple steps to build wealth wisely

TEACHERS: The Let's Save America book is approved by the Idaho State Board of Education for use in schools. Learn how to get copies and have your class participate in a financial education teleseminar.