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The mission of The Let's Save America campaign can best be summarized by the following three objectives.

  • To educate citizens of all ages about the miracle of compound interest as a common sense approach of wealth accumulation.
  • To create a balanceable wealth consciousness that permeates the public and private schools systems.
  • To create a perpetual organization that positively promotes the use of compound interest for individuals, corporations and non profit organizations.

Ongoing educational efforts are undertaken to achieve the objectives above. The first step toward accomplishing this mission was the publication of the book "Let's Save America, Nine Lessons to Financial Success" co-authored by campaign founder Bradly Dugdale, Jr. This book has been approved for use in the Idaho school system by the Idaho Department of Education.
In addition to this effort a video series entitled "Lessons to Financial Success" has been beamed via satellite to thousands of classrooms over the years.

The Let's Save America Foundation was recently granted 501C-3 non-profit status by the Internal Revenue Service.

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TEACHERS: The Let's Save America book is approved by the Idaho State Board of Education for use in schools. Learn how to get copies and have your class participate in a financial education teleseminar.