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Speaking engagements, seminars and workshops

Let's Save America Founder Bradley Dugdale, Jr. is a noted speaker, motivator, trainer and coach. He has conducted countless educational seminars and workshops on financial literacy and compound interest throughout his career. He has been the keynote speaker at events throughout North America and is always willing to share his vision for a better financial future.
Some of Mr. Dugdale's most popular programs are shown below. Seminars, workshops and speeches can be tailored for your event or group. To schedule Mr. Dugdale for an event please send a request through our contact page.

Follow the Rules: Basic financial concepts to build wealth wisely
There are eight basic rules a person can follow to become financially secure and independent. This original audio program is easily adapted for a variety of situations and audiences. Human resources managers, self employed individuals, teachers and families have all benefited from the successful saving and investing strategies presented in this flexible seminar. Topics that can be covered are:

  • Savings systems
  • The miracle of compound interest
  • Manage debt or it will manage you
  • Investing and risk
  • Minimize taxes
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Get started
  • Invest in yourself!

Community Financial Literacy Program
This is a total package designed to improve the financial literacy of an entire community. Highlights of the package include.

  • Keynote presentation to Chamber of Commerce or other community group
  • School presentation
  • Licensing for "Follow the Rules" audio series
  • Licensing for "Let's Save America" book and supplements
  • Distribution rights for Let's Save America reports that can be customized for your area
  • Blueprint to establish community trust fund to benefit future generations through the miracle of compound interest
  • Financial Literacy week template

"As a radio talk show host, I have guests and then I have memorable guests like Brad Dugdale. When I walk out of the studio after Brad has been a guest on my show, producers and other talk show hosts make a point of telling me how much they enjoyed the show. Brad makes learning about the topic of money-easy, fun and entertaining. His passion is palpable. I call Brad Dugdale - Mr. Media Sound Bites - he knows the media language and makes my job extra easy!

Amber Grady, Radio Talk Show Host
"Jewels for the Journey"
Positive Talk Radio on Self, Health and Wealth
WTAL 1450 AM Tallahassee, Florida

For more details or to schedule Mr. Dugdale for an event please send a request through our contact page.

Financial Education
audio series

Follow the Rules!
9 simple steps to build wealth wisely

TEACHERS: The Let's Save America book is approved by the Idaho State Board of Education for use in schools. Learn how to get copies and have your class participate in a financial education teleseminar.